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Today is the last day for the Tengu Flight Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by a new Ancient Desert Gods Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!


Today started the new Moon Festival Event. This new Bingo card will run from 9-11 to 9-21, you can earn new limited items, and Attack cards for your Kogo!

Kitty can be found in town with a shop of her own offering the Mooncake recipe, this recipe is limited time so if you plan to buy it make sure you make as many as you want before the end of the event. She'll also trade Mooncakes for items in her shop.


You're running out of time to turn in your Crop Contest Entry. Remember duplicates are worth less points so its better to turn in many different things instead of multiples of the same very rare thing. Once this round is done you will receive all of the items you entered back as well as any prize you may win so there's nothing to lose!

This is also worth a bingo square so be sure to jump on it!

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