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Today is the last day for the Polar Pals Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the return of the Blossom Storm Gacha with all new designs so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!

The Blossom Storm is a tool item that will rain blossoms around you.


For anyone debating on getting a sub for December, the Tier 2 and up Monthly Item is the New Years Piggy.

Our Avatar of the Month winner for January is Hurbird.


The Event for January is the Winter Festival! Be sure to stop by Gary to enter the farming contests each week. This fesivals Schedule is:
  • ImageCow (Highest Heart Score - Prize: Red Cow)
  • ImageCrop (9 item set, rarer items are worth more points - Prize: Material Pack)
  • ImageChicken (Highest Heart Score - Prize: White Cchicken)
  • ImageFishing Contest (Largest Fish - Prize: Material Pack)


Faceoff Voting has begun!

If you haven't entered you'll need to do so before you start voting. Just click the stage in town to get started.

After you've entered an avatar, click the stage again to start voting. Two players will walk out and you pick the one you feel matches the New Years Theme best. If everyone agrees with you, you'll begin a vote chain. for every 5 vote chains you get, you'll receive a prize bag! Head to your inventory to open your bag and see what you got!



Its January and the Artist Updates are live!

    Art Shops / Designer Slots - Now have the ability to buy new shop slots with FUNs. When clicking a slot you will have the option to buy it with FUNs or with Luna.

    Item Skinning - The system has been updated with new features on the back end making it easier on our side so prices have been updated! Any item that you skin with an 'All Season' image has been lowered to 25 Luna. Uploading Multiple seasons will still cost 25 Luna/per season. As an added bonus of the updates, skins also now have the option to pay with FUNs!

    Item Edits - Item Editing is now available! The difference of a skin, and an edit, is you have no size limitation and Kogo are available for editing! Because of this, the price can vary greatly depending on how much work has to be done on our end. For example, editing a kogo or pet to be wearing clothes which changes their overall size means we have to redo all of its animations. Because of that, when you submit, the item will take longer before its available to you and its price is based on how much work we have to do to make your design a reality. When submitting the system won't be able to tell you upfront what its cost will be. Instead the item will be assessed, approved, and a price quote given back to you before your item is made. Then once the quote is paid, your item will be created. Full Tutorial and a breakdown of pricing is currently being written and will be listed in the artist sticky as soon as its done. We'll keep you posted for when that's updated.

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