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Adelaide's Valentine Shop has updated! Lots of new items can be picked up in trade for cookies.



The Longsleeve Contest and New Years Selfie have ended. A winner will be announced next week after we tally all the sales.

This months Designer Contest is for a Tanktop designer item! Make a Love Theme'd Tanktop, the winner will receive their choice of a Legendary Item of your choice.

This months Selfy Contest is Love Theme'd. The winner will receive a material prize pack.

To get started Designing, head to the artist area.

    Designer Contest winners are decided by how many copies of your item you have sold. You may enter as many designs as you like, however only 1 design can win and sales count against individual designs. If you sell 50 copies of your item to your friend it only counts as 1 sale.
    Selfy Contest winners are chosen by the staff.

It looks like last months selfy winner was missed, we deeply apologize, the winner for January's Holiday Selfie was 赤い蝶.


Today is the last day for Trixie's Shop. Make sure to use any soap you have left over before tonight!


Quick reminder you have 3 days left to find wild Ryu in the area's outside of Linden. make sure to grab one before their gone!

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