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Today is the last day for the Winter's Last Reindeer Gacha. It will be replaced by a new Spring Tea Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!

The tonight's Spring Tea gacha has some items on it that are land items which can be used as chairs.


Belinda is back with her Easter games available to play for painted eggs!

The Egg Hunt Game grants Easter Eggs.
This game can be played alone or in a party.
Your goal is to to quickly run around and pick up any eggs you find. All players walk away with Easter Eggs based on the number found. Every game there is a Golden Egg, this egg is worth 4 points and will add 4 bonus eggs to your prize amount.
If there is under 45 seconds left, and all eggs have not been found yet, they will begin to flash to make them easier to see.

The Egg Target Game grants Zigzag Eggs.
This game must be played with at least 1 friend (party of 2 people or more).
Hold Click or Tap to aim in the direction you want and release to shoot. Take down as many targets as you can to beat your friends! While this does allow for some friendly competition, all players walk away with zigzag eggs based on the number of targets they hit so don't worry too much if you've got a friend that's faster than you. To play with your friends Party up and have the Party Leader talk to Belinda and start the game.

Red Timer is the pre-game timer. Move to a different spot to start to try to get an advantage.
Green Timer is the game timer. When you see this, play!
When the game is done it will announce who won and begin a rematch vote!

Belinda's Easter Shop has some new additions this year!

They'll be popping in later today.

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