Let's work together!

What's it like to work here?

Work on your own time! You're an adult and we believe the company you work with and spend your time on should treat you like one. You set your own schedule and you get to choose how much you want to work each week.
Work from Home. You get to choose what you work on and how your work enviorment is setup.
Use your own computer. We do not require a specific type of machine or even program. Whether you like Mac, PC or Linux, you get to use your preference at all times.
No Dress Code! Whether you want to cosplay while working or you don't want to wear much at all, that is your choice and we will not judge or shame you for it!

Career Listings

Select the job that is best for you! All you need to apply is a Solia account. Click a job you're interested in to view the details.

Avatar Artist

Create avatar and in-game items.

CG Artist

Create art pieces like the one above.

Scenario Writer

You will get your very own characters to write story for!

Solia Affiliate

Earn money just for introducing people to Solia!

We celebrate diversity and Solia is an equal opportunity employer. Solia staff reviews applications for employment without regard to the applicant’s race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expressions, sexual orientation, national origin, country, genetics, disability, age, marital or family status or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. And also because we are not disrespectful.